Note on the writer

The author of six novels available on Amazon has chosen to remain anonymous due to the sensitive nature of the information they’re based on, which may be classified. They’ve adopted the pseudonym ARES BORG for their writing identity.

Drawing from personal experiences as a former intelligence officer and Special Forces combat skills instructor, the author infuses authenticity into their espionage thrillers. With a mastery of karate at the VII. DAN level and expertise in various forms of hand-to-hand combat and weaponry, their depictions of combat actions are accurate.

The author’s life includes participation in two wars, one in Europe and another in Africa, where they sustained injuries in Sierra Leone, ultimately leading to early retirement and a transition to becoming a writer.

Four of their novels, namely “The Bloody Eagle,” “Game of Death,” “Cruel Dance in Argentina,” and “Infernal Affairs,” are inspired by their interactions with a CIA agent code-named Dx4/1. The fifth novel, “Encounter in Hell,” draws from records within the CIA archives concerning a significant modern-era espionage affair in which this agent played a pivotal role, though contact with the agent was subsequently lost.

The sixth novel, “The Gift from China,” unfolds in 2018 and delves into the origins and causes of the pandemic triggered by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. Much of the information in this novel comes from channels inaccessible to the public and intelligence services, gradually revealing the darker aspects of this deadly pandemic.

A new work by Ares Borg was published in 2023.